"It's what we do differently that makes us better." - G-P. This philosophy of doing business is G-P's motto and synergistic to Atavia's model as well. Therefore, it only made sense when Atavia, with co-winner Wise Design, was awarded the 1999 Phoenix Award for Excellence in Interactive Media for the Educational in Nature campaign.

The challenge was unique in the sense that the Web site had to appeal to two different audiences: educators and children. A wealth of information had to be relayed in a fashion that would satisfy the needs of both parties. Presentation and navigation throughout the site would prove to be the two most critical tasks at hand.

The key to success lay in a thorough needs assessment followed by an extensive online focus group. Atavia realized that the best way to design this site was to ask the end users how they would like things presented. So we did! From young children to seasoned educators, ideas and suggestions gushed in.

Technology was employed for broad market usability without losing depth of content. The ease of use, via the navigation system put in place, proved to be the pinnacle of our strategy and achievement. By leveraging existing creative design, Atavia deployed a modular, synergistic Web-site in a cost-effective manner. That is what makes us different and better.

Visit the site: www.gp.com/educationalinnature